Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 20 July 2008

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Svartahrid Sadness And Wrath Sadness And Wrath Soulseller
2 Trinacria Make No Mistake Travel Now Journey Infinitely Indie
3 Infernal Execrator Antichrist Execration Antichrist Execration Pulverised
4 Impiety Slaughterror Superiority Dominator Pulverised
5 Trigger The Bloodshed Inception / Merciless Ignorance Purgation Rising
6 Quadrivium Works Of Glory Adversus Soulseller
7 Decadence Corrosion 3rd Stage Of Decay Massacre
8 Many Things Untold In Oceans Atlantic Rising
9 One Way Mirror Relax One Way Mirror Metal Blade
10 Ice Ages Regret Buried Silence Napalm
11 Cog Bird of Feather Sharing Space Superball
12 Black Stone Cherry Blind Man Folklore And Superstition Roadrunner
13 Mars Volta Wax Simulacra The Bedlam In Goliath Universal
14 Serge Tonnar Diskothéik Pärele bei d’Sei Maskénada
15 Jad Fair & Daniel Johnston The Making Of The Album It's Spooky 50 Skidillion Watts
16 Born To Lose Saints Gone Wrong Saints Gone Wrong People Like You
17 Verse Story Of A Free Man Aggression Bridge Nine
18 No Quarter Given Dystopia The Embodiment Begins Rising
19 Early Grave Golden Hearts Tomorrow I Am You Rising
20 Sworn Amongst Herodotus And So It Begins Rising
21 Kayo Dot The Awkward Windwheel Blue Lambency Downward Hydra Head
22 Kayo Dot Clelia Walking Blue Lambency Downward Hydra Head
23 Kayo Dot The Useless Ladder Blue Lambency Downward Hydra Head


Kayo Dot

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