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Playlist 11 January 2009

# Artist Title Album Label
1 I Knew It: Hurray! Out Of Limits... New Hits: Hurray! (DIY)
2 Kreator Warcurse Hordes Of Chaos Steamhammer / SPV
3 Metal Church The Company Of Sorrow This Present Wasteland Steamhammer / SPV
4 Bible Of The Devil Hijack The Night Freedom Metal Cruz Del Sur
5 Funeral Hunger As the Light Does the Shadow Indie
6 Sepultura Ludwig Van A-Lex Steamhammer / SPV
7 Amphitryon Paths Of Dementia Drama Thundering
8 Vreid Milorg Milorg Indie
9 crashzendo Second Chance At Eden The Return Of The Gruesome Twosome (DIY)
10 Fracture Indigotin Schnurstrax Compilation 07/08 Schnurstrax
11 Nathan Fake Grandfathered Drowning In A Sea Of Love Border Community
12 Kassierer Sex mit dem Sozialarbeiter Der Heilige Geist greift an Teenage Rebel
13 Quentin Lagonza Blackout Quentin Lagonza The Finest Noise
14 King's X Move XV InsideOut
15 Daniel Johnston Museum Of Love Yip / Jump Music Stress
16 Javies She Kissed Me Goodbye She Kissed Me Goodbye (Single) Winged Skull
17 No And The Maybes Petra Petrified No And The Maybes A:larm
18 Fairytale Abuse When One Bleeds Perversions Of Angel VI Massacre
19 Fairytale Abuse The Interdiction Of Obscurity Perversions Of Angel VI Massacre
20 Fairytale Abuse Fall Of The Icon Perversions Of Angel VI Massacre


Fairytale Abuse

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