Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 22 March 2009

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Abstract Rapture Rejections Democadencia Maddening Media
2 Everwaiting Serenade Lungwork Lungwork Granny
3 Scarred New Filth Order New Filth Order (DIY)
4 69 Chambers The Day Of The Locust War On The Inside Silverwolf
5 Creepshow Shake Sell Your Soul People Like You
6 Meteors Another Day On Fire Hell Train Rollin People Like You
7 Furnace Wakulla County Doublewalker Shock Value
8 Do Androïds Dream Of Electric Sheep? 4 Shots Snapshot Lamento Winged Skull
9 Yegussa Public Enemy Yegussa (DIY)
10 Versus You The Mad Ones Luxembourg's Finest, Volume 2 Rockhal
11 Amadou & Mariam Sabali Welcome To Mali Because
12 Ghinzu Dolly Fisher Electronic Jacuzzi Dragoon
13 Tomte Der letze große Wal Heureka Grand Hotel van Cleef
14 Ghost Of Tom Joad The Waves Call Your Name Matternhorn Richard Mohlmann
15 Dropjaw 1929 (Advance) (DIY)
16 Schonwald Slow Milk Amplified Nature Pocket Heaven
17 Killed By 9V Batteries I Was Caught By Some Popular Lines Escape Plans Make It Hard To Wait For Success
18 Daniel Johnston Never Die The Lost Recordings Stress
19 Mäkkelä & Orkesteri Christopher Walken Day Means Nothing In Hitchin 9:PM
20 Shakra Ashes To Ashes Everest AFM
21 Tankard Octane Warriors Thirst AFM
22 Tankard Stay Thirsty Thirst AFM
23 Tankard Sexy Feet Under Thirst AFM



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