Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 12 April 2009

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Trinacria Make No Mistake Travel Now Journey Infinitely Indie
2 Kitshickers Euphrates The Orion Constellation Winged Skull
3 Petrograd Song For Jessie nineoneone Christopher's
4 Pivot Sweet Memory O Soundtrack My Heart Warp
5 sBACH 5 sBACH Suicide Squeeze
6 God Is An Astronaut Echoes God Is An Astronaut Revive
7 volcano! Africa Just Wants To Have Fun Paperwork Leaf
8 Minaars Busy Hands EP (DIY)
9 We Versus The Shark I Am A Caffeinated Corpse Dirty Versions Hello Sir
10 Blakfish My Stomach Feels Like My Throat's Been Cut See You In Another City Richter Collective
11 Lincoln Hawk Satelite The One With The Strongest Heart... Granny
12 Bakerton Group Work 'em El Rojo AFM
13 The Burning Evangelical Cannibal Rewakening Massacre
14 The Burning He Who Whispers In The Back Of Us All Rewakening Massacre
15 The Burning Carnivora Rewakening Massacre


Out Of The Crowd Festival Vol. 6, The Burning

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