Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 4 October 2009

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Annon Vin Black, White, Red - Not Rotten Yet Higher Spheres Elwood
2 InMe Belief Revival Herald Moth Superball
3 Red Circuit Through The Eyes Of A Child Homeland Limb
4 Paradox Suburban Riot Squad Riot Squad AFM
5 Sacred Steel Don't Break The Oath Carnage Victory Massacre
6 Brainstorm Shiver Memorial Roots AFM
7 Ill Disposed Johnny To Those Who Walk Behind Us Massacre
8 Kickback No Surrender No Surrender GSR
9 Watch Me Bleed Bloodred Rain Souldrinker Silverwolf
10 The Setup Hostile Eyes Torchbearer GSR
11 Kittie My Plague In The Black Massacre
12 Goreaphobia Graveplagued Planet Mortal Repulsion Ibex Moon
13 Cannibal Corpse Priests Of Sodom Evisceration Plague Metal Blade
14 Long Distance Calling The Nearing Grave Avoid The Light Superball
15 Daniel Johnston Phantom Of My Own Opera More Songs Of Pain Stress
16 Derecho Measured In Millions Dropped At 10,000 Feet Friendly Psychics
17 Out Like Lambs Two Speeds Out Like Lambs (DIY)
18 Pillow Fight Club Not Interesting About Face And Other Constants Hazelwood
19 Brainswarm Perspectives Brainswarm Friendly Psychics
20 Everything But Giants Fool Or Not Everything But Giants Lo End
21 Spurv Lærke Rainbow Colored Shoes On The Brink Of The Big Otter Hazelwood
22 Moloken Molten Pantheon Our Astral Circle Black Star Foundation / Discouraged
23 All For Nothing Overhaul Miles And Memories GSR

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