Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 11 October 2009

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Geoff Berner Half German Girlfriend Klezmer Mongrels 9PM
2 Sutcliffe The Ghost Of Old Tom Moses Sutcliffe Beste! Unterhaltung
3 The Grand Paradiso I Was Running A Farewell To Oblivion Beste! Unterhaltung
4 Bored Man Overboard Sinner Song Sinner Song EP Hazelwood
5 The Jacob Conspiracy No Reason The Jacob Conspiracy (DIY)
6 Daniel Johnston Polka Dot Rag The What Of Whom Stress
7 Orrenmaa Band Make My Day Make My Day Nordic Notes
8 Time Traveller The Pioneers Chapters I & II Nordic Notes
9 Jeavestone Hot Summer Fun Hot Summer Fun Nordic Notes
10 Shadow Gallery With Honor Digital Ghosts InsideOut
11 InMe Captain Killjoy Herald Moth Superball
12 Airpeople Mombasa The Golden City Golden Antenna
13 Porté Disparu Le cycle Marche rapide (DIY)
14 400colpi Stato D'Assedio Homo Homini Lupus Chorus Of One
15 LoveHateHero Pants Off, Dance Off America Underwater Ferret
16 Strike Anywhere I'm Your Opposite Number Iron Front Bridge Nine
17 Ruiner Dead Weight Hell Is Empty Bridge Nine
18 Soil Like It Is Picture Perfect AFM
19 Sycronomica Kaleidoscope Syroscope Silverwolf
20 Skyfire Darkness Descending Esoteric Pivotal
21 Decadence Silent Weapon (For A Quiet War) Chargepoint Spiritual Beast/Universal
22 Hod Victims Serpent Ibex Moon

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