Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 25 October 2009

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Soon Reverse Cinderella As Of Yet Funtime
2 Anajo Jungs weinen nicht Anajo und das Poporchester Tapete
3 Daniel Johnston Fake Records Of Rock And Roll Daniel Johnston Is And Always Was Eternal Yip Eye
4 Jack Beauregard 1st Of March Everyone Is Having Fun Tapete
5 The Rocket Mount Everest The Rocket Funtime
6 Dirk Darmstaedter 1989, Forever Life Is No Movie Tapete
7 Lost Department Butterfly Effect Things Of Flesh And Blood Funtime
8 Kickback Still On The Prowl No Surrender GSR
9 Voltax Lord Of The Sluts Voltax High Roller
10 Mandragora Scream The Circus Volturna Massacre
11 Sacred Steel Metal Underground Carnage Victory Massacre
12 Steel Assassin Spartacus In Hellfire Forged High Roller
13 Holy Cross Iron Horse Under The Flag Pure Steel
14 No Fun At All Never Ending Stream Low Rider Deaf And Dumb
15 The xx Basic Space xx Young Turks
16 Boxhamsters Schluchtenflitzer Brut Imperial Unter Schafen
17 Mew Introducing Palace Players No More Stories... Sony
18 DragonForce Heroes Of Our Time Ultra Beatdown Roadrunner
19 Coma Stereo Sevastopol 21st Century Space Adventure (Logbook 1) RAIG
20 Helvetets Port The Shogun Exodus To Hell Pure Steel
21 Paradox Riptide Riot Squad AFM
22 Paradox Rise In Rank Riot Squad AFM
23 Paradox Evolution Reset Riot Squad AFM



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