Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 27 December 2009

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Vreid Disciplined Milorg Indie
2 Enthral Death To You All Spiteful Dirges Duplicate
3 Warhammer Warriors Of The Cross No Beast So Fierce High Roller
4 Violated Out Of Focus Only Death Awaits Duplicate
5 Sabbat Samurai Zombies Charisma / 25 Years Of Black Fire (A Tribute To Sabbat) Pure Steel
6 Death Hammer Black Metal Volcano Charisma / 25 Years Of Black Fire (A Tribute To Sabbat) Pure Steel
7 Black River Black'n'Roll Black'n'Roll Mystic Production
8 Baphomet's Blood Devil's Night Metal Damnation High Roller
9 Chariot Behind The Wire Behind The Wire High Roller
10 Gaskin Tomorrow Today Stand Or Fall High Roller
11 Razor Fist Rage Of The Black Blade Razor Fist Force High Roller
12 Split Heaven Immortal Psycho Samurai High Roller
13 Kodiak MCCCXLIX: The Rising End Split-CD with Nadja Denovali
14 Sermeq & Lisa Berg We Should Feel The Same Bloe Baaschtert presents: The Cell[O] Division Bloe Baaschtert
15 Traktor Lights Lights Apocaplexy
16 Traktor Lessons For Crimes Sequence The Sequence Apocaplexy
17 Proghma-C Army Of Me Bar-do Travel Mystic Production
18 Jaya The Cat Night Bus Late Night Transmission With I Scream
19 Discipline Stand Old Pride, New Glory I Scream
20 Fabulous Disaster Needle And A Valentine Love At First Fight I Scream


Laurens Kusters (I Scream Records)

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