Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 24 January 2010

# Artist Title Album Label
1 SOS Walk Of Shame Adult Situations 3:16 Productions
2 Cyclorama Rock'n'Roll Dogma This Is Aerial Space Rock, Keep Your Hair On!! Schnurstrax
3 Ikuinen Kaamos Indoctrination Of The Lost Fall of Icons Maddening Media
4 Black Wreath The Black Holes Of Your Mind A Pyre Of Lost Dreams Head Not Found
5 Ram-Zet Beautiful Pain Neutralized Ascendance
6 Carach Angren And The Consequence Macabre Death Came Through A Phantom Ship Maddening Media
7 Fred Rapid Fred Rapid Fred Rapid Haute Areal
8 Daniel Johnston Premarital Sex Songs Of Pain Stress
9 Yikez! vs. Mylène Yellowman The Cell[O] Division Bloe Baaschtert
10 Sabbat Nekromantik Charisma Pure Steel
11 Demonica Demon Class Demonstrous Massacre
12 Voices Of Destiny Return From The Ashes From The Ashes Massacre
13 Jesaiah Deflower Me Et Tu, Hope Black Star Foundation
14 Jesaiah We're Almost Dead Et Tu, Hope Black Star Foundation
15 Jesaiah Let's Dance Et Tu, Hope Black Star Foundation



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