Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 21 February 2010

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Octo Wallace Cosmo Bob Fast Women Slow Horses (DIY)
2 Daniel Johnston Walking The Cow Beam Me Up! Hazelwood
3 Fred Rapid Opening Night Glassworks Haute Areal
4 Dishwater Psychics Pride And A Musty Quilt Grave Country Fondle Friendly Psychics Music
5 Year Long Disaster Major Arcana Black Magic; All Mysteries Revealed Volcom
6 Polar Bear Club Boxes Chasing Hamburg Bridge Nine
7 Kyoto Drive I'd Give It All This Is All We Ever Wanted Engineer
8 Ruiner Meat Hell Is Empty Bridge Nine
9 Akroma Les sauterelles Seth Thundering
10 Hod Gods Of Darkness And Winter Serpent Ibex Moon
11 Goreaphobia Ordeal Of The Abyss Mortal Repulsion Ibex Moon
12 Squarefeet Rapture Roll Fujisan Exogenic
13 Rantanplan Peking Bordell Halt's Maul - Mach Musik Tapete
14 Skinnerbox Claude 9 King Of Spades And Marmalades Doxa
15 secretSpeech Rabbit Hole The Lucifer Conspiracy (DIY)
16 Mutiny On The Bounty Continents Danger Mouth Red Field / Big Scary Monsters
17 Emily Autumn Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Girls Just Wanna Have Fun & Bohemian Rhapsody Double Feature EP Trisol
18 Natas Loves You Apollo's Whisper From Natas With Love Songs For Ben
19 The Miserable Rich Chesnut Sunday Of Flight And Fury Hazelwood
20 Tarngo Caer En Una Emboscada Horman Blunoise
21 Demonica Demon Class Demonstrous Massacre
22 Demonica Luscious Demand Demonstrous Massacre
23 Demonica Summoned Demonstrous Massacre



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