Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 7 March 2010

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Everwaiting Serenade Trophy Lungwork Granny
2 Terminal Behind The Mask Tree Of Life Witching Hour
3 Ketah Bring Me Back To Life La folie des hommes (DIY)
4 Lost Soul 216 Immerse In Infinity Witching Hour
5 Masachist Open The Wounds Death March Fury Witching Hour
6 Trauma War Machine Archetype Of Chaos Witching Hour
7 Hell-Born (I Am) The Thorn In The Crown Darkness Witching Hour
8 Forgettoforgive Fake Mask A Product Of Dissecting Minds GSR
9 Resistance Bleed Yourself Lords Of Torment GSR
10 The Retaliation Process Uprising Downfall Silverwolf
11 Mike Scott Shadows Of Defeat Split Series Vol. 1 Fond Of Life
12 Mandragora Scream I'm Goin' Alone Volturna Massacre
14 Miaow Miaow Start Again (radio edit) (single) (DIY)
15 Savoy Grand A Good Walk Spoiled Accident Book Glitterhouse
16 Inborn Trash Is The New Glam En Vogue Ashcan
17 Mutiny On The Bounty Continents Danger Mouth Redfield / Big Scary Monsters
18 Natas Loves You Anita, Me And The End From Natas With Love Songs For Ben
19 La Fa Connected Spoiled Boy A Distant Fortune (DIY)
19 Why? Against Me Eskimo Snow Anticon
20 Metro Attack Of The American Girls (single) (DIY)
21 Sparklehorse with the Flaming Lips Go Late Great Daniel Johnston: Discovered Covered Gammon



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