Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 18 April 2010

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Fracture Poprocket Girls We Dare You, Wonder Schnurstrax
2 Fallout Rock Hard Rock Hard Silver
3 Desdemonia Overload Existence (DIY)
4 Svartsot Aethelred Mulmets Viser Napalm
5 Heidevolk Ostara Uit Oude Grond Napalm
6 Ereb Altor Myrding The End Napalm
7 Witchsorrow The Trial Of Elizabeth Clarke Witchsorrow Rise Above
8 Necromandus Still Born Beauty Orexis Of Death & Live Rise Above
9 Ax It Can Make You Happy You've Been So Bad Rise Above
10 Daniel Johnston Rat Race Of The Dead Danny And The Nightmares (DIY)
11 Deadline Fraud Bring The House Down People Like You
12 Mintzkow Ruby Red 360 Haldern Pop
13 Cyclorama Rock'n'Roll Dogma This Is Aerial Space Rock, Keep Your Hair On!! Schnurstrax
14 The Oscillation Violations Out Of Phase DC
15 The Disliked Why Do I Cry The Royal Show Ashcan
16 Corruption Hell Yeah! Bourbon River Bank Mystic
17 Witchgrave Satanic Slut The Devils Night High Roller
18 Born Again Neverending Fire Neverending Fire High Roller
19 Metalium Heavy Metal Grounded (Chapter Eight) Massacre
20 Metalium Once Loyal Grounded (Chapter Eight) Massacre
21 Metalium Alone Grounded (Chapter Eight) Massacre



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