Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 16 May 2010

# Artist Title Album Label
1 This Is A Standoff Graveyards Be Disappointed Funtime
2 Grand Sports The Truth Blue Skies Blunoise
3 Fischessen Radius 40 Köder Blunoise
4 No Use For Humans O Thumb Index Of Fecal-Oral Transmission (DIY)
5 Steve Honoshowsky Jersey Surf Sluts Soul Amputation (DIY)
6 Rick Shaffer Lucky Day Necessary Illusion Tarock
7 Daniel Johnston Return Of The Butthole Surfers Danny And The Nightmares (DIY)
8 The Krestarians This Could Be It: Atlanta Take Your Caddy To The Fairway, Or Roll With Me, Thunder Well-Dressed
9 The Bullfight Dance With Me, Damn It Stranger Than The Night Tocado
10 Metro Attack Of The American Girls Too Many Lovers Waggle Daggle
11 Daniel Decker Enklave Enklave Tumbleweed
12 Calaveras Water High Water High Sweet Home
13 Lacrimas Profundere Lips The Grandiose Nowhere Napalm
14 Eisregen Kai aus der Kiste Schlangensonne Massacre
15 U.D.O. Infected Infected EP AFM
16 Kissin' Dynamite Addicted To Metal Addicted To Metal AFM
17 Halloween The Wicked Witch Don't Metal With Evil Pure Steel
18 Halloween Victims Of The Night Victims Of The Night Pure Steel
19 Slingblade Can't Get Enough Slingblade High Roller
20 Speedtrap Out For Your Blood Split-LP (with Death With A Dagger) High Roller
21 Death With A Dagger Night Of The Dagger Split-LP (with Speedtrap) High Roller
22 Battalion Thrash Maniacs Underdogs Silverwolf
23 Battalion Running Alone Underdogs Silverwolf
24 Battalion Wings Of A Demon Underdogs Silverwolf



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