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Playlist 23 May 2010

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Black President Not Enough (Track 4) Black President People Like You
2 Mongo Ninja Wheelchair Hooker No Cunt For Old Men Indie
3 I Am Abomination Since 1776 To Our Forefathers Good Fight
4 Son Of Aurelius Let Them Hate And Fear The Farthest Reaches Good Fight
5 Armagedon Enemy Death Then Nothing Mystic
6 Eclectika There Is No Daylight In The Darkest Paradise Dazzling Dawn Asylum Ruins
7 The Other Transylvania New Blood Steamhammer
8 Boggin Leprechaun Brothers In Arms As We Set The Sails CPL
9 Remember Twilight Künstler der Dekadenz Musik über Niedergang & Verderben Echozone / Intergroove
10 Hellsongs School's Out School's Out (Single) Tapete
11 Daniel Johnston Mask Beam Me Up! Hazelwood
12 Daniel Decker Vorstadtjunge Enklave Tumbleweed
13 Sendelica Screaming And Streaming Into The Starlit Nite Streamedelica, She Sighed As She Hit Rewind On The Dream Mangler Remote RAIG
14 To Rococo Rot Horses Speculation Domino
15 Roberto Angelini Vulcano La vista concessa Carosello
16 My Awesome Mixtape The Saint Valentine's Massacre My Lonely And Sad Waterloo Rewika
17 Heike Has The Giggles Robot Sh! Bronson
18 Julie's Haircut The Devil In Kate Moss Our Secret Ceremony A Silent Place
19 Lennard Magnolia First Breath (After Nine Years Spent In A Jam Glass) Finest Noise
20 2zueins! Scheißspiel Simsalaboom Finest Noise
21 Mystery Blue Metal Attack Hell & Fury Bernett
22 Mystery Blue Endangering Species Hell & Fury Bernett
23 Mystery Blue Hell & Fury Hell & Fury Bernett


Mystery Blue

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