Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 13 June 2010

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Rebellion The Clans Are Marching The Clans Are Marching Massacre
2 Van Canto Rebellion: The Clans Are Marching Tribe Of Force Napalm
3 Disbelief Red Sharks Heal! Massacre
4 Cypecore Everdying Innocent Twilight
5 Emergency Gate Alternative Dead End The Nemesis Construct Twilight Zone
6 Gorath Doed over’t Galgeveld MXCII Twilight
7 Dagor Dagorath Heaven In Hell Yetzer Ha'Ra Twilight
8 Demians Feel Alive Mute Inside Out
9 My Education Oars Sunrise Golden Antenna
10 Daniel Johnston Rock Around The Christmas Tree Lost And Found Sketchbook
11 Boiler Du bringst mich um Alles und Nichts Moving Magnet
12 Bad Religion 21st Century Digital Boy All Ages Epitaph
13 Vampire Weekend Horchata Contra XL
14 Mongo Ninja No Cunt For Old Men No Cunt For Old Men Indie
15 Frenzy Johnny Rocket In The Blood People Like You
16 Nice New Outfit Sink In The Scissor Captura Lapdance Academy
17 Restruct Change Built Back Up From Self-Destruction (DIY)
18 Life Of Agony Through And Through 20 Years Strong (River Runs Red: Live In Brussels) I Scream
19 Heidevolk Nehalennia Uit Oude Grond Napalm
20 Heidevolk Ostara Uit Oude Grond Napalm
21 Heidevolk Gelders Lied Uit Oude Grond Napalm



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