Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 20 June 2010

# Artist Title Album Label
1 PN Let The Muse Respond From What Rivers Have To Offer Funtime
2 V13 Tu as choisi d'entrer Overlook Hotel Swarm Of Nails
3 No Hawaii Tunnel Snake My Charms Black Star Foundation
4 The Guilty Brothers Experience A Song Of Hate & Hope TGBE! Stilll
5 Danzig On A Wicked Night Deth Red Sabaoth AFM
6 Nox Aurea My Voyage Through Galactic Aeons Ascending In Triumph Napalm
7 Thulcandra Frozen Kingdom Fallen Angel's Dominion Napalm
8 Necronomicon Into The Fire The Return Of The Witch Napalm
9 Gravehill Rites Of The Pentagram Rites Of The Pentagram / Metal Of Death Ibex Moon
10 Devendra Banhart Baby What Will We Be Reprise
11 Daniel Johnston Rock 'n' Roll / EGA Fun Atlantic
12 Refuse Resist Middle America Socialized I Scream
13 Kvelertak Fossegrim Kvelertak Indie
14 Winterhorde Underwatermoon Underwatermoon Twilight
15 Caladmor All That Remains Midwinter Twilight Zone
16 Edenbridge Solitaire Solitaire Napalm
17 Remember Twilight Künstler der Dekadenz Musik über Niedergang & Verderben Echozone
18 Remember Twilight Die Feder Musik über Niedergang & Verderben Echozone
19 Remember Twilight Meckie Messer Musik über Niedergang & Verderben Echozone


Remember Twilight

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