Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 27 June 2010

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Spiritus Mortis The Man Of Steel The God Behind The God Firebox
2 Iron Fate Resurrection Cast In Iron Massacre
3 Metally Insane Rock Until We Fall Rock Until We Fall Pure Steel
4 The Prophecy 23 From The Basement To The Pit ...To The Pit Massacre
5 Decrepit Birth (A Departure Of The Sun) Ignite The Tesla Coil Polarity Massacre
6 Omega Massif Nebelwand Geisterstadt Denovali
7 V13 Mais ils ne renforcent pas le camp ennemi qui comptait déjà des millions d’imbéciles, et où l’on est objectivement condamné à être un imbecile Overlook Hotel Swarm Of Nails
8 KillMatriarch Revolution Revolution (Single) (DIY)
9 Buck Brothers All I Want To Do We Are Merely Filters Back2Forward
10 Outsmarted My Heelturn The Amoral Ranger Lockjaw
11 Between The Buried And Me Obfuscation The Great Misdirect Victory
12 Suicidal Tendencies Possessed To Skate Join The Army Caroline
13 Daniel Johnston Rock This Town Lost And Found Sketchbook
14 Hi-Lo & In Between Looking Good (Feeling Bad) The Lonely Bird Beste! Unterhaltung
15 Francis International Airport Monsters Monsters (7") Siluh
16 Robbert Bobbert & The Bubble Machine We R Super Heroes Robbert Bobbert & The Bubble Machine Little Monster
17 Eisregen N8Verzehr Schlangensonne Massacre
18 Eisregen Auf ewig Ostfront Schlangensonne Massacre
19 Eisregen Kai aus der Kiste Schlangensonne Massacre



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