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Playlist 18 July 2010

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Neaera The Wretched Of The Earth Omnicide - Creation Unleashed Metal Blade
2 Black Rainbows Himalaya Carmina Diabolo Longfellow Deeds
3 Rite Crack Of Doom Death I Hear You Calling But I Can't Come Home Rite Now Multiplatinum / Longfellow Deeds
4 From Plan To Progress Detached Inks Stains & Incidents Fond Of Life / No Reason
5 Failsafe Actions For Answers What We Are Today Fond Of Life
6 High Five Drive Vengeance Theme This Is Fond Of Life Records, Volume Two Fond Of Life
7 Campus A Father's Providence Oh, Comely! Funtime
8 Revolting Cocks Poke-A-Hot-Ass Got Cock? 13th Planet
9 HGich.T Harz For Mein Hobby: Arschloch Tapete
10 Daniel Johnston and Jack Medicine Row Boat (Fruit Loops) The Electric Ghosts Important
11 Sweet Sweet Moon My Night With The Prositiute From Marseille (online) Siluh
12 Sutcliffe From Blue To Green Mom, Where Are The Seahorses? Beste! Unterhaltung
13 Luke The Observer Sea EP Tumbleweed
14 Suralin Time Is Timeless Leda Sweet Home
15 The Adolescents OC Confidential OC Confidential Finger
16 Mad Sin Cursed Burn And Rise People Like You
17 All Over Everywhere The Shroud Inner Firmaments Decay Emkog
18 Le Coup du Parapluie La traversée du Desert Eagle Philosophie, bien-être & crimes passionnels (DIY)
19 Babyoil Fuck You Assume Nothing Winged Skull
20 Kwoon Schizophrenic When The Flowers Were Singing (DIY)
21 Moleskin Unclear Voluntary Inventory (Of Not A Very Nice Everyday Life) Evergreen
22 Flyingdeadman Drifting Alone W.E.N. Flying
23 Hellsongs Heaven Can Wait Minor Misdemeanors Tapete
24 Divided Multitude Something For Someone Guardian Angel Silverwolf

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