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Playlist 5 September 2010

# Artist Title Album Label
1 The Maniacs Maniac The Maniacs Against 'Em All
2 The Great Bertholinis Run To Hide Gradual Unfolding Of A Conscious Mind (Part 3) Hazelwood
3 Troy von Balthazar Dots And Hearts How To Live On Nothing Third Side
4 Her Name Is Calla The Union: Into The West The Quiet Lamb Denovali
5 Out Like Lambs Showdown Not So Winter Waltz Music Of The Spheres
6 Daniel Johnston and Jack Medicine Scary Monsters The Electric Ghosts Important
7 Heirs Burrow Fowl Denovali
8 This Gift Is A Curse Death To Your Hometown (Pt. III) This Gift Is A Curse Discouraged
9 My Silent Wake Et Lux Perpetua IV Et Lux Perpetua Dark Balance
10 Deus Inversus Mastery Over The World Mastery Over The World Nihilistic Empire
11 Tristania Patriot Games Rubicon Napalm
12 Atrocity feat. Yasmin Call Of Yesteryear After The Storm Napalm
13 Liv Kristine Skintight Skintight Napalm
14 Shadowgarden With Love And A Bullet Ashen Napalm
15 Elvenking Your Heroes Are Dead Red Silent Tides AFM
16 Unsun Why Clinic For Dolls Mystic
17 Edenbridge Higher Solitaire Napalm
18 Edenbridge Out Of This World Solitaire Napalm
19 Edenbridge Brothers Diamir Solitaire Napalm



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