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Playlist 14 November 2010

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Reno Divorce All Show, No Go! Tears Before Breakfast I Scream
2 Smile And Burn Second To None Flight Attempt Of The Kiwi Fond Of Life
3 Counterpunch High Tide For Internal Strife Heroes & Ghosts Fond Of Life
4 Astpai Party To Its People Heart To Grow Ass-Card
5 Grant Hart Evergreen Memorial Drive Oeuvrevue Hazelwood
6 Danny & The Nightmares See Satan Die Freak Brain Sympathy For The Record Industry
7 We Only Said Get Out Freakie We Only Said Range ta Chambre
8 Slide On Venus California Saturday Ghost Put Music To Your Troubles (DIY)
9 Novels Child Savior Yr Letter
10 Josh Ambroisie Amère Position Number Nine Swarm
11 Aura Cloud Colossus Invisible Landscape Valse Sinistre
12 The Black Keys I'll Be Your Man The Big Come Up Alive
13 Joan Of Arc Fogbow Flowers Polyvinyl
14 Xiu Xiu Chocolate Makes You Happy Dear God, I Hate Myself Kill Rock Stars
15 Erland and the Carnival The Derby Ram Erland and the Carnival Full Time Hobby
16 Palindrome Your Work Profit vs. WoMankind Las Vegas
17 Vespero Percious By The Waters Of Tomorrow RAIG
18 Sinister Into The Blind World Legacy Of Ashes Massacre
19 The Contortionist Primal Directive Exoplanet Good Fight
20 The Contortionist Exoplanet II - Void Exoplanet Good Fight
21 The Contortionist Oscillator Exoplanet Good Fight


The Contortionist

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