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Playlist 2 January 2011

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Eläkeläiset Humppabarbi Humppabingo Stupido / Nordic Notes
2 Sancho Panza! Spiegel Schicksal Mensch (DIY)
3 Twin Pricks A Better View Young At Heart Chez Kito Kat
4 Alone With King Kong The Clock Three Hats On One Head Chez Kito Kat
5 Hyperjinx Tricycle Slice Of Life The Songs Of Jack Medicine, Daniel Johnston & Ron English Important
6 Dog Bless You Hier Encore Split with Meny Hellkin Chez Kito Kat
7 Meny Hellkin Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun Split with Dog Bless You Chez Kito Kat
8 Ghost Death Knell Opus Eponymous Rise Above
9 Züül Howl Of The Wolf Howl Of The Wolf High Roller
10 Helvetets Port Crusaders Must Ride Man With The Chains High Roller
11 Sug(r)cane Sunny Day Under The Sea Chez Kito Kat
12 Loud Was The Sea Autist Wedding Autist Wedding (DIY)
13 No Drum No Moog feat. Shadya Self Control Kito Sounds #3 Chez Kito Kat
14 Komparce Le Parc Kito Sounds #3 Chez Kito Kat
15 Tehu À mi-chemin Transports: A Trip On Quebec Supersonic Railroads Chez Kito Kat
16 Ghamorean Calvary & Martyrdom Terra Ruina Discouraged
17 Atlantean Kodex Vesper All Hymn The Golden Bough Cruz Del Sur
18 Atlantean Kodex Temple Of Katholic Magick The Golden Bough Cruz Del Sur


Atlantean Kodex

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