Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 15 May 2011

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Metro Dr Love Too Many Lovers Waggle-Daggle
2 Alex Walker For Free For Free (Single) Lapdance Academy
3 Sweet Sweet Moon Smoke Up Smoke Up (Single) Siluh
4 Black Cat Zoot Mutable Transformer Act Mutable Transformer Act Hazelwood
5 Viva Stereo Vultures Endure The Dark To See The Stars De-Fence
6 Tides From Nebula The Fall Of Leviathan Earthshine Mystic
7 Hyperjinx Tricycle Starship The Songs Of Jack Medicine, Daniel Johnston & Ron English Important
8 Bernie Bandicoot Ray Of Light Reaction afmusic
9 hospital NEON In Heaven We Are Numbers On My Skin Bearsuit
10 Magnitophono Little Boy Blue Magnet Bearsuit
11 Birds Of Passage Fantastic Frown Without The World Denovali
12 Dirge Obsidian Elysian Magnetic Fields Division
13 Grabak Envy - Beyond The Grace Of God SIN Twilight
14 Tersanjung 13 Global Warming Grind The Bastards (Split-CD with Grindbashers) Herrie
15 Grindbashers Wish Justice Grind The Bastards (Split-CD with Tersanjung 13) Herrie
16 Epsilon Schwertransport Truly Yours And In Love Refused
17 Ron Anderson's PAK Caffeine Static Rendezvous Secret Curve Tzadik
18 Ron Anderson's PAK Trebuchet Secret Curve Tzadik
19 Ron Anderson's PAK Blinding Light Secret Curve Tzadik
20 Ron Anderson's PAK Kempelen's Automaton Secret Curve Tzadik


Ron Anderson's PAK

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