Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 19 June 2011

# Artist Title Album Label
1 V13 Tu as choisi d'entrer Overlook Hotel Swarm Of Nails
2 Galaxy Safari My Own Prison Time For You To Leave Granat
3 Atlas Losing Grip Bitter Blood State Of Unrest Black Star Foundation
4 Mindset Cremations Midnight Sky Pee
5 Part Time Killer Heartbreaking Music People Religion Death Pee / Longplay
6 Octopussys Tonight Face The World Funtime
7 Face To Face It's Not All About You Laugh Now, Laugh Later People Like You
8 Foundation At Your Mercy When The Smoke Clears Bridge Nine
9 Voice Of Ruin BDSM Voice Of Ruin Heimathome
10 Fatalist Beyond The Unholy Grave Afterparty Massacre (Movie Soundtrack) Ibex Moon
11 Vermin Empty Eyes Paradise Heretic Visions
12 Tremors Come Undone Frozen Shores Twilight
13 Byfrost May The Dead Rise Of Death AFM
14 Buried In Black The Bait Black Death AFM
15 No Use For Humans Star Death Live At Retromedia Nacht
16 Adolf Noise Zuviel Zeit? Wo die Rammelwolke fliegt Buback
17 Daniel Johnston & Jack Medicine Summer Jazz The Electric Ghosts Important
18 Micke From Sweden No Exception To The Rule Beste Unterhaltung 2011 Beste! Unterhaltung / Nordic Notes / CPL
19 Gudrid Hansdottir Vina Beyond The Grey Beste! Unterhaltung
20 Punch & Nerves I'm Staying Here In Vivid Colours Beste! Unterhaltung
21 Waidmanns Heil Vorstadtstraßen Beste! Unterhaltung
22 Mary Ocher The Sound Of War The Sound Of War (Single) Haute Areal
23 crashzendo Plunging Headfirst Into Cotton Candy Clouds L.A.B. Tracks (A Benefit Compilation For Sasha Shulgin) (DIY)
24 Infinite Light Ltd All Blues Infinite Light Ltd Denovali
25 Neurotic Maze Choir Of Crows Behind A Wall Of Glass Kabelsalat
26 Sorehead Black Letters Infect Thunderblast

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