Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 26 June 2011

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Omega Massif In der Mine Geisterstadt Denovali
2 Sendelica Banshees & Fetches The Pavilion Of Magic And The Trials Of The Seven Surviving Elohim FRP
3 Acorn Falling The Master Dive Cabinet Of Curiosities Vicious /VME
4 Field Rotation Acoustic Tale 4 Acoustic Tales Denovali
5 Sankt Otten Ich verlasse mich selbst Gottes Synthesizer Denovali
6 Daniel Johnston with Jad Fair Summer Time It's Spooky 50 Skidillion Watts
7 Bureaucrat & The Conspirators Identity Schmisis Ten Years On The Weird Wide (DIY)
8 Admiral Black The Worm Of The Third Sting Phantasmagoric Hazelwood
9 Manilla Road Playground Of The Damned Playground Of The Damned High Roller
10 Anvil When All Hell Breaks Loose Juggernaut Of Justice AFM
11 Power Theory Prevaricator Out Of The Ashes, Into The Fire Pure Steel
12 Wings In Motion Through The Shadows (I Rise) Promo 2011 Wild Rose Angel
13 Annihilationmancer Antimateria / Etereo The Involution Philosophy Pure Steel
14 Annihilationmancer Apolide The Involution Philosophy Pure Steel
15 Annihilationmancer The Involution Philosophy The Involution Philosophy Pure Steel



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