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Playlist 4 December 2011

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Onslaught The Sound Of Violence Sounds Of Violence AFM
2 Mosfet Thrash Assassination Deathlike Thrash'n'Roll Refused / Twilight
3 Encoffination Rites of Ceremonial Embalm'ment O' Hell, Shine In Thy Whited Sepulchres Selfmade God
4 The Last Hangmen Little Ease Servants Of Justice Twilight
5 Livarkahil Quiet Heresy Signs Of Decay Listenable
6 H.A.L Art Of Destruction Cursed Silent Noise
7 Desert Sin Kill The King Destination Paradise Pure Steel
8 Tyrant Eyes Beginning Of The End The Sound Of Persistance (self released)
9 Patrick Hemer Thorn In My Flesh More Than Meets The Eye Nightmare
10 Divine Ascension Vision Divine As The Truth Appears Nightmare
11 Illuminata End My Agony A World So Cold Twilight Zone
12 Adept First Round, First Minute Death Dealers Panic & Action
13 Daniel Johnston There Ain't Much You Can Do The Lost Recordings Stress
14 Gnomefoam Date Night Insect Armour Plates (self released)
15 Mert Basaran Dark October 2011 (Part Two) (self released)
16 Revolting Cocks Filthy Señoritas (Pay Me Now MiXXX) ¿Got Mixxx? 13th Planet
17 Tjaere+Fjer You Can't Manage It All (Remix by Tobias Lilja) Transits. (Reworks of 8 Songs from Tourists. Residents.) (self-released)
18 April One Hundred Years With You Sunderlands Hesat
19 Wolventrix Electrical Storm Ours Till Dawn Fabrique
20 Del Moe Yeah Die High Butterfly Kahunah
21 Fly This For Me We All Fall Making Shadows EP (self released)
22 NitroVille Cheating The Hangman Can't Stop What's Comin' Tijuana Brothers
23 The Brains We Are The Brains Drunk Not Dead People Like You
24 Glyder Fade To Dust Backroads To Byzantium Steamhammer / SPV

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