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Playlist 1 January 2012

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Twin Pricks A Better View Young At Heart Chez Kito Kat
2 Buck Satan & The 666 Shooters Friend Of The Devil Bikers Welcome! Ladies Drink Free! 13th Planet
3 Revolting Cocks Poke-A-Hot-Ass (Assholes Are Everywhere MiXXX) ¿Got Mixxx? 13th Planet
4 Skinny Puppy NoiseX hanDover Synthetic Symphony
5 Heiden Tmáø (The Obscurantist) Dolores Naga
6 Dying Humanity Till The End Living On The Razor's Edge Bastardized
7 Wolfen Nefilim Chapter IV Pure Legend
8 Pharaoh Castles In The Sky Bury The Light Cruz Del Sur
9 Superbutt Cleaver Music For Animals Sonic Attack
10 Slartibartfass Kapitel I: Sehnsucht Schwarz verhüllt Twilight
11 Wizard's Beard Harbinger Four Tired Undertakers Altsphere
12 Omega Centauri Ad Infinitum Universum Infinitum Duplicate
13 Jet Plane Air Threads All The Static Stars (self released)
14 Daniel Johnston with Jad Fair Tomorrow Never Knows It’s Spooky 50 Skidillion Watts
15 Gnomefoam Octopus Insect Armour Plates (self released)
16 Waltari P.L.U.C.K. Covers All! Nordic Notes
17 Waltari Dead Heart Covers All! Nordic Notes
18 Waltari Duke Covers All! Nordic Notes



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