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Playlist 12 February 2012

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Jolly Ends Where It Starts The Audioguide To Happiness (Part 1) InsideOut
2 Hemina To Conceive A Plan Synthetic Nightmare
3 The Safety Fire Floods Of Colour Grind The Ocean InsideOut
4 Dark Empire Dreaming In Vengeance From Refuge To Ruin Nightmare
5 A Sound Of Thunder Murderous Horde Out Of The Darkness Nightmare
6 New Eden Flames For Hades Solving For X Pure Steel
7 Ancestors Whispers In Dreams And Time Tee Pee
8 Whirr Junebouvier Pipe Dreams Tee Pee
9 Pain Of Salvation Eleven Road Salt Two InsideOut
10 Daniel Johnston True Grief More Songs Of Pain Stress
11 Brother Sun, Sister Moon Cope Brother Sun, Sister Moon Denovali
12 Lockerbie Í Draumi Ólgusjór Kapitän Platte
13 The Audience Wolves Hearts Hazelwood
14 Lanfear Colours Of Chaos This Harmonic Consonance Pure Steel
15 Lanfear The Reverend This Harmonic Consonance Pure Steel
16 Lanfear Ideopathic Discreation This Harmonic Consonance Pure Steel


Lanfear (Part 1)

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