Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 8 April 2012

# Artist Title Album Label
1 GiftDwarf Fritz GiftDwarf SAOL / H'ART
2 Stahlmann Spring nicht Spring nicht (Single) AFM
3 GodHateCode Ich bin Krieg Weltenschmerz Noisehead
4 Heidevolk De Toekomst Lonkt Batavi Napalm
5 Svyatogor Doctor Veritas Doctor Veritas Svarga
6 Thunderkraft Dance Of The Dead Totentanz Svarga
7 Llvme Vettonia Ya De Nuesu My Kingdom
8 L'Alba Di Morrigan Lilith The Essence Remains My Kingdom
9 Disguise The Origin Of The Unknown Second Coming My Kingdom
10 So Much For Nothing Suicide-Syndrome Livsgnist My Kingdom
11 Your Tomorrow Alone Bursting Hope Ordinary Lives My Kingdom
12 Silverstein Forget Your Heart Rescue Hopeless
13 Silverstein Short Songs Short Songs Hopeless
14 Daniel Johnston The Undertaker's Assistant The Lost Recordings 2 Stress
15 The Agrarians Our Tragedies Refined Love Songs From 2010 Dontrustheruin
16 The United Sons of Toil The Concept Of The Urban Guerrilla When The Revolution Comes, Everything Will Be Beautiful Phratry
17 Christian Lffler Eleven (feat. Mohna) A Forest Ki / Kompakt
18 Sam Gray Singing Dineen Songs About Humans Raw Onion
19 Sam Gray Singing Scratches Songs About Humans Raw Onion
20 Sam Gray Singing Bigotry Songs About Humans Raw Onion


Sam Gray Singing

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