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Playlist 29 April 2012

# Artist Title Album Label
1 The Phantom Carriage The Horses Feed Their Birds New Thing Throatruiner
2 Judge Smith Tear Me Asunder Orfeas Masters Of Art
3 Pervert Asshole Born To Porn Welcome To My Zombie Cathouse M & O
4 Demented Are Go Retard Whore Welcome Back To Insanity Hall People Like You
5 Manfish Die Hippie What Is This Manfish? Freetime Trash
6 Bob Wayne Fuck The Law Till The Wheels Fall Off People Like You
7 Daniel Johnston Unpack Your Adjectives Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks Atlantic
8 Crystal Shipsss Geyser Yay Raw Onion
9 Crystal Shipsss Romantic (Green Candy Mix) Yay (Bonus Remix Album) Raw Onion
10 Sankt Otten Der heilige Schmerz Sequencer Liebe Denovali
11 Justine Electra Petting Zoo Petting Zoo (7") Haute Areal
12 The Cheek Of Her Yes, It's A Love Song Yes, It's A Love Song (Single) (self released)
13 The Cheek Of Her Free Passionate Shit (self released)
14 Arjen Anthony Lucassen Lost In The New Real Lost In The New Real InsideOut
15 The Carps' Celestial Spiral Gaia (self released)
16 Motorpsycho & Ståle Storløkken Into The Mystic The Death Defying Unicorn Stickman / Rune Grammofon
17 Spy Kowlik Final Song Spycology (self released)
18 Pg.lost Sheaves Key Black Star Foundation
19 Collision Process Sleep Now Forever Collision Process (self released)
20 Collision Process Revelations Collision Process (self released)
21 Collision Process Breaking Point Collision Process (self released)


Collision Process

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