Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 10 June 2012

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Medley Jukebox Canonball Doll Orchestra (self released)
2 No Metal In This Battle Redneck The Husky Demotape (self released)
3 Carnal Lust Dominus Vobiscum The Hate Complete Great Dane
4 Dreadnought Pastor Demon (self released)
5 Dreadnought Unbreakable Demon (self released)
6 Dreadnought Drinking You All Down Demon (self released)
7 Dreadnought Demon Demon (self released)
8 23rd Grade Of Evil Lullaby For The Weak Bad Men Do What Good Man Dream Artist Station
9 Emmure Protoman Slave To The Game Victory
10 Acid Death Crossing The Line Eidolon Noisehead
11 Livarkahil The Eternal Sun Wrath Of God (self released)
12 Venial Sin Prepared For Battle Sphere Of Morality Infektion
13 Neuronia Alone In The Dark Insanity Relapse (self released)
14 Sacred Blood The Battle Of The Granicus (Persian In Throes) Alexandros Pitch Black
15 Killswitch Engage Starting Over Killswitch Engage Roadrunner
16 Killswitch Engage Reckoning Killswitch Engage Roadrunner
17 Killswitch Engage A Light In A Darkened World Killswitch Engage Roadrunner


Dreadnought, Killswitch Engage

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