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Playlist 17 June 2012

# Artist Title Album Label
1 The Octopussys Face The World Face The World Funtime
2 Moffarammes Horus Unveiled Cairo The Perfect Hoax
3 Kung Fu Kitty In 7 Days Unleashed Scorp
4 Thirteen Days Build Your Own World Love, Fear & Fire Pate
5 Matt Skiba And The Sekrets Voices Babylon Superball
6 American Head Charge Sugars Of Someday Sugars Of Someday (Single) (self released)
7 Flower Kings For Those About To Drown Banks Of Eden InsideOut
8 Mogon Snuff Phideaux & Mogon Promotional Issue Bloodfish
9 Bunny & The Electric Horsemen Snowflakes Fall Apart In My Backyard Bearsuit
10 Jad Fair and Daniel Johnston A Vow Of Love It's Spooky 50 Skidillion Watts
11 PNDC&housework Sunset Over Empty Towns Nothing In The Sky Listen Loudest!
12 Rick Shaffer One More Heartache Idiot Flats Tarock
13 Sun Of Eyes Clouded Judgement Bedroom Demo (self released)
14 Sun Of Eyes Out Of Control Serpent Demon Evil Fuck (self released)
15 Zebras Black Cancer Zebras Secret
16 Equal Minds Theory The Nomads Equal Minds Theory Octopus
17 Cowards Scarce Shooting Blanks And Pills Throatruiner
18 Elizabeth Black Eyed Where Vultures Land Throatruiner
19 Expire Abyss Pendulum Swings Bridge Nine
20 Sisterkingkong Miss Brown She Sees Wolves VierSieben
21 Sisterkingkong For The Family She Sees Wolves VierSieben
22 Sisterkingkong Beast Burn Please Burn She Sees Wolves VierSieben



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