Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 1 July 2012

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Draconian End Of The Rope A Rose For The Apokalypse Napalm
2 Witchsorrow God Curse Us God Curse Us All Rise Above
3 Sorrows Path The Beast (S.P.R.) The Rough Path Of Nihilism Rock It Up
4 Chaosweaver Wings Of Chaos Enter The Realm Of The Doppelgänger Napalm
5 Diabulus In Musica Blazing A Trail The Wanderer Napalm
6 Mekigah Bloodlust The Necessary Evil (self released)
7 DWDY Destroy Me Destroy Me Altsphere
8 Sid Savant Fascist For Freedom Last Stop On Bimini Road Drowning Witch Audio / Dooload
9 Craig M Clarke Here I Go Again Here I Go Again Raw Onion
10 Royal Street Orchestra Alley Camel Riot Visible At Given Temperature Hazelwood
11 Whales Seafearing March Twenty-Twelve (self released)
12 Victory and Associates Friend Rock City Friend Rock City (digital single) Latest Flame
13 Dropbunny Gimpman Cometh IO (self released)
14 The Junktones Addicted To Porn American Paranoia Finest Noise
15 The Junktones Welcome To The USA American Paranoia Finest Noise
16 The Junktones Let It Go American Paranoia Finest Noise


The Junktones

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