Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 26 August 2012

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Lava 303 Destination Moon The Goddess Rules Burg Herzberg
2 Randale Schornsteinfeger Punkpanda Peter Newtone / Two Louder
3 The Spiritspiders Dog-Headed Priest A Voice In The Sky (self released)
4 Wilkinson Blades No Exit 4:00 Shiftone
5 Yusif! Reach Out Yusif! (self released)
6 Janne Westerlund Famous Birthmark Oran 9pm
7 Daniel Johnston What's A Matter With Me The Lost Recordings 2 Stress
8 Christopher Gould Some Things Till Party Do Us Deaf XLNt
9 Oscar Louise A Tale Of The Sea Empty House Phenix
10 Liv Kristine Vanilla Skin Delight Libertine Napalm
11 Undecimber Death By Design Seven Days Of Sin Downfall
12 Babylon Mystery Orchestra Devilution Poinium Cherem (self released)
13 Switchblade Movement II [2012] Denovali
14 Ektomorf Unscarred Black Flag AFM
15 Dust Bolt March Thru Pain Violent Demolition Napalm
16 Dead Cowboy's Sluts Lusk The Hand Of Death M & O
17 Svölk To Conquer Death, You Only Have To Die Nights Under The Round Table Napalm
18 Jess and the Ancient Ones Prayer For Death And Fire Jess and the Ancient Ones Svart
19 Jess and the Ancient Ones Twilight Witchcraft Jess and the Ancient Ones Svart


Jess and the Ancient Ones

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