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Playlist 23 September 2012

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Sheeduz Moody Girl All Be True M & O
2 Nick Drake River Man Made To Love Magic Universal
3 Vic Chesnutt Chinaberry Tree At The Cut Constellation
4 Neal Morse Momentum Momentun InsideOut
5 Circle Creek Anger Anger (self released)
6 Cold Rush Daily Crime (Second Edition) Disclosing The Vicious Seeds Rock'n'Growl
7 Plastic Soup Return On Investment Return On Investment (self released)
8 Ex Deo The Tiberius (Exile To Capri) Caligvla Napalm
9 4Tune Cookies Hospital Rewind (self released)
10 Oscar Louise Lucinda Empty House Phenix
11 Blueneck Apogee Epilogue Denovali
12 Christopher Gould Cosy Black Hole In My Soul Till Party Do Us Deaf XL Nt Communication
13 Magica Open Center Of The Great Unknown AFM
14 Hemlock Smith Everything Has Changed Everything Has Changed Phenix
15 Mob Rules Close My Eyes Cannibal Nation AFM
16 Echo Me Rise Above My Time Echo Me (self released)
17 Dragony Wings Of The Night Legends Limb Music
18 Hirsch Effekt Limerent Holon: Anamnesis Midsummer
19 Marauder The Great War Elegy Of Blood Pitch Black
20 Too Tangled Wrecking Ball Where The Echoes Die (self released)
21 La Horde Condamné ŕ vivre En passant par le monde Fantai'Zic
22 April Scenery Stay The Course Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder (self released)


Carsten Collenbusch (The Finest Noise)

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