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Playlist 7 October 2012

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Arkona Leshiy Slovo Napalm
2 Viter Wool Fish Love Springtime Metalism
3 Darkside Of Innocence Nox Omega Xenogenesis Infektion
4 Merrimack Arousing Wombs In Nine Angles Pleroma The Acausal Mass AFM
5 Leben Ohne Licht Kollektiv Dreams Injection Quantum Of Abstract Physics (Split-CD with Immemorial) Cold Dark Matter / Frozen Wing / Le Crépuscule du Soir
6 Inkilina Sazabra Caverna Dos Malditos Almas Envenenadas Infektion
7 Late Night Venture The Empty Forest Pioneers Of Spaceflight Dunk / Target
8 Hollow Branches Weave The Architect Okanagana Waves Strix
9 Opus Symbiosis Breaking News Nature's Choir (self released)
10 Stealing Axion The Unwanted Gift Moments InsideOut
11 Spheric Universe Experience Shut Up The New Eve Nightmare / Sony / Red
12 The United Sons of Toil Guerilla Digital: Friendly Skies (Desolation Mix) Forces Of Production (USoT Remixed) (self released)
13 Daniel Johnston When You're Pretty The What Of Whom Stress
14 Thot The Parade Of The Trees The Fall Of The Water Towers Vegetal Noise
15 Planks Funeral Mouth Funeral Mouth Golden Antenna
16 Beyond All Recognition Smoke And Mirrors Drop = Dead Napalm
17 Frail Grounds The Expedition The Fields Of Trauma Triptych
18 Frail Grounds The Sinister Road The Fields Of Trauma Triptych


Frail Grounds

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