Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 14 October 2012

# Artist Title Album Label
1 La Fa Connected Spoiled Boy The Bracelets High (self released)
2 The Littlest Viking Mary-Louise Parker Has Aids... A Lot The Littlest Viking Mountain Man
3 Lecherous Gaze Bagagazo On The Skids Tee Pee
4 The Meteors Paranoid Doing The Lord's Work People Like You
5 Mad Sin Brainstorm 25 Years - Still Mad People Like You
6 The Peacocks All I've Got Is What You See Don't Ask People Like You
7 Daniel Johnston Whiz Kid Laurie EP Seminal Twang
8 Tranqvillitas Maris Hades The Longing (self released)
9 Void Moon The Word And The Abyss On The Blackest Of Nights Cruz Del Sur
10 The Sword Dying Earth Apocryphon Napalm
11 Tiamat The Scarred People Scarred People Napalm
12 La Horde Les DamnÚs En passant par le Monde Fantai'Zic
13 T.A.N.K. Unleash The Craving Spasms Of Upheaval Symbol
14 Cyclope Vision Hostile Revenge Hammersmith M & O
15 Altered Beast Last Dance Living For The Sin Great Dane
16 Unchained Cosa Nostra Oncoming Chaos M & O
17 Madonagun Bloodlust Grovel At Her Feet Great Dane
18 Dreadful Silence Carnival Of Dead Bodies Carnival Of Dead Bodies M & O
19 Pagan Altar Judgement Of The Dead Judgement Of The Dead Cruz Del Sur
20 Snailking Shelter Samsara ConSouling

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