Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 16 December 2012

# Artist Title Album Label
1 The Saint James Society The Ballad Of The White Horse The Saint James Society Tee Pee
2 Carcharodon Adolf Yeti Roachstomper Altsphere
3 Surtr Rise Again Pulvis Et Umbra Altsphere
4 Ashes You Leave For The Heart Soul And Mind The Cure For Happiness Rock'n'Growl
5 Eyefear Redemption The Inception Of Darkness Limb
6 Fullforce Karma Next Level Steamhammer / SPV
7 Giant X On A Blind Flight I Steamhammer / SPV
8 Heavenward The Sky Within These Dreams Pure Underground
9 Mystery Blue Conquer The World Conquer The World Road Show
10 Relics Of Martyrs Vigil Dream Scenes Of Blood And Betrayal Noisehead
11 Witchcraft Istentelen Hegyek Felettem Neverheard
12 Vamoise Come With Me Come With Me (Single) (self released)
13 Daniel Johnston Wish Fear Yourself Gammon
14 Poppy Ackroyd Mechanism Escapement Denovali
15 The Alvaret Ensemble Eac The Alvaret Ensemble Denovali
16 Talvihorros Swarms Of Living Souls And It Was So Denovali
17 Lento Questions And Answers Anxiety, Despair, Languish Denovali
18 Haut&Court Krokodil La Vie (self released)
19 KEN Mode Obeying The Iron Will... Venerable Throatruiner
20 Replica Living In Bondage The Bright Side Of Death Noisehead
21 S-Core Swallowed Will Into The Deepest Noisehead
22 H.O.S. Road Madness The Beginning Punishment 18

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