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Playlist 5 May 2013

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Scarlet Anger New God Rising Dark Reign Dust On The Tracks
2 Slayer Angel Of Death Reign In Blood American
3 Scarred The Great Pan(dem)ic Gaia/Medea Klonosphere / Season Of Mist
4 Servi Diaboli We Are Hidden We Are Hidden (self released)
5 Crest Of Darkness Redemption In The Presence Of Death My Kingdom
6 Downfall Of Gaia Zerfall Downfall Of Gaia Moment Of Collapse
7 F.K.Ü. Rise Of The Mosh Mongers 4: Rise Of The Mosh Mongers Napalm
8 Gama Bomb Backwards Bible The Terror Tapes AFM
9 Körgull The Exterminator Metal Fist Destroyer Metal Fist Destroyer Demonhood
10 A Sound Of Thunder Power Play Time's Arrow Mad Neptune
11 DIO Messiah Rock'n'Growl Children Rock'n'Growl Children Rock'n'Growl
12 Chester Endersby Gwazda Skewed Shroud (self released)
13 Dan Deacon True Thrush America Domino
14 I Am A Man With A St Tropez Tan Please Be Careful What You Do With Yourself Just A Ghost Hangman Ho
15 Music For Voyeurs Tonight Will Be My Birthday The Long Sleep Hangman Ho
16 Petrels White And Dodger Herald The Atomic Age Onkalo Denovali
17 Grey Storia Requiem Martonic 14 Tower
18 Baxter Stockman Brodown Punter Ektro
19 Destroy D.C. The Pride Of The ASBO Generation The Pride Of The ASBO Generation Revenance
20 The Brains The Monster Within The Monster Within People Like You
21 Homeless Hill Oddball Invincible (self released)

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