Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 11 August 2013

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Bible Of The Devil Out For Blood For The Love Of Thugs And Fools Cruz Del Sur
2 Disarm Goliath Embrace The Abyss Born To Rule Pure Steel
3 Emerald F.T.M. Unleashed Pure Steel
4 Knight Fury Attack Time To Rock Pure Steel
5 Ouijabeard The End Die And Let Live High Roller
6 The Mystery Apocalypse 666 Apocalypse 666 Pure Legend
7 Fiakra Invasion Invasion Pure Underground
8 Pertness Frozen Time Frozen Time Pure Legend
9 Bloodbound In The Name Of Metal In The Name Of Metal AFM
10 GermŠn Pascual If The Sky Would Fall A New Beginning Nightmare / Sony / Red
11 September Code War Remembering Mirrors The Leaders
12 Orden Ogan To The End To The End AFM
13 Custard Gods Of War Infested By Anger Pure Steel
14 The Murder Of My Sweet Armageddon Bye Bye Lullabye AFM
15 Odium Used To Be Me Beautiful Violence Noisehead
16 Eversin Nightblaster Tears On The Face Of God My Kingdom
17 Ritual Killing Liar New Tribe Blacksmith
18 Nigromantia Point Of No Return Inherited Burden Noisehead
19 Repent State Of Fear Vortex Of Violence High Roller
20 F.K.‹. Rise Of The Mosh Mongers 4: Rise Of The Moshmongers Napalm
21 F.K.‹. 112 Ocean Avenue 4: Rise Of The Moshmongers Napalm
22 F.K.‹. Scream Bloody Mosher 4: Rise Of The Moshmongers Napalm



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