Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 25 August 2013

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Dead Cowboy's Sluts I Will Hunt You Down The Hand Of Death M & O
2 Wormlust Djflasra The Feral Wisdom Demonhood
3 Zud Skull Shaped Bell The Good, The Bad And The Damned (self released)
4 Crown Larks Malone's Lullaby (Parts 1-4) Catalytic Conversion (self released)
5 Crystal Shipsss Lost Dirty Dancer Raw Onion
6 Kenny Feinstein Loomer Loveless: Hurts To Love Fluff & Gravy
7 Splitter Die Leere Der Nacht (V1) Himmelsfenster (EP) Finaltune
8 The Safety Fire Glass Crush Mouth Of Swords InsideOut
9 The Rodeo Idiot Engine Gravel Consequences Throatruiner
10 Impiety Commanding Death & Destroy The Impious Crusade Hells Headbangers
11 Eibon La Furies Astronomy In Absences The Immoral Compass Code666
12 Necromessiah Returned From Hell The Last Hope Of Humanity Punishment 18
13 Lychgate Against The Paradoxi Lychgate Mordgrimm
14 Deadlock The Great Pretender The Arsonist Napalm
15 Deadlock Darkness Divine The Arsonist Napalm
16 Deadlock Smalltown Boy The Arsonist Napalm



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