Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 3 November 2013

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Scarlet Anger Stupid Boy Stupid Boy (Single) (self released)
2 Deficiency The Prodigal Child The Prodigal Child Fantai’Zic
3 Deficiency The Introspection Of The Omnipotent The Prodigal Child Fantai’Zic
4 Deficiency Unfinished The Prodigal Child Fantai’Zic
5 Deficiency The Curse Of Hu's Hands The Prodigal Child Fantai’Zic
6 Memorain Where Hate Lies Evolution Maple Metal
7 Plector Insularity Punishment Day Discouraged
8 Pain Is Climax God Particle Noisehead
9 Slaughter Messiah Black Speed Terror Black Speed Terror Demonhood
10 Brain Dead Eye Of The Cyclone Menace From The Sickness Punishment 18
11 Untimely Demise Virtue In Death City Of Steel (Reissue) Punishment 18
12 Aeon Zen Portrait Self Portrait EP Time Divide
13 Anubis Gate Broken Wings Sheep EP Nightmare
14 Tomorrow Come The Wolves Torn Thin Love Is The Law Carnage Club
15 Exploding Head Syndrome If I Knew Disciples Of Reason Rabagast
16 In Silentio Noctis Chapter I: The Pit Disenchant The Hypocrites My Kingdom



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