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Playlist 24 November 2013

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Gravity Inlandsis Eutheria M & O
2 Order Of The Oceans Never Leave A Departure (self-released)
3 Order Of The Oceans Through My Veins A Departure (self-released)
4 Order Of The Oceans Arrival A Departure (self-released)
5 Order Of The Oceans Finally Free A Departure (self-released)
6 Calvaiire Équarrissage Forceps Throatruiner
7 Chestburner Fuel Injected Suicide Machine The Ultimate Experience In Grueling Terror Nailjar
8 Invidious Black Blood In Death (MCD) Sepulchral Voice
9 Eye Of Solitude Act II: Where The Descent Began Canto III Kaotoxin
10 Agnostic Front Fascist Attitudes Victim In Pain Bridge Nine
11 Mean To You Fallen Fallen (self-released)
12 Supergroup Heart In The City Vol.3 Micropal
13 Ordalie You Can Run (featuring Sun Glitters) You Can Run (single) (self-released)
14 Tideland Carved In Mine Lull (self-released)
15 Tjaere+Fjer Faking It All Fake EP (self-released)
16 Wandl From Now Soon (EP) Siluh
17 Obsidian Kingdom Answers Revealing (Mothboy Remix) Torn & Burnt (self-released)
18 Die Krupps Ein Blick zurück im Zorn The Machinists Of Joy Synthetic Symphony / SPV
19 Darkhaus Life Worth Living My Only Shelter Oblivion / SPV
20 Fallen Arise Burned Ivy Ethereal Noisehead


Order Of The Oceans

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