Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 5 January 2014

# Artist Title Album Label
1 An Apple A Day Thera Fall Of Thera (self-released)
2 Mindpatrol To Heaven Again Downfall Theatre (self-released)
3 Mindpatrol The Void Downfall Theatre (self-released)
4 Mindpatrol King Of Existence Downfall Theatre (self-released)
5 Mindpatrol My Final Sin Downfall Theatre (self-released)
6 Hĺrda Skit Skjaersilden Ros Rus (EP) Art Of Propaganda
7 Mile Me Deaf Third From The Sun Holography (advance) Siluh
8 Jacob Faurholt Corners Corners Raw Onion
9 Ordalie Close To Midnight 4 Songs, 14 Minutes (feat. Sun Glitters) (self-released)
10 Juleah The Sixth And Seventh Moon Entangled And Entwined (EP) Russian Winter
11 Bergman In My Garden Maximum Delirium Overdrive Play My Music
12 Granada 74 Kontrollverlust Kontrollverlust The Finest Noise
13 Manu und die Drei Akkorde Cool in der Ecke stehn Intellektül The Finest Noise
14 Torment Of Souls Zombie Barbecue Zombie Barbecue The Finest Noise
15 Legion Of The Damned Mountain Wolves Under A Crescent Moon Ravenous Plague Napalm
16 Days Of Loss This Frail Existence Our Frail Existence Noisehead
17 Disharmony Shades Of Insanity Shades Of Insanity Noisehead
18 Metal Mirror Wild Cat Strike III High Roller



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