Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 14 September 2014

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Opus Symbiosis Icebreaker Monster (self-released)
2 Kreyskull The Man Who Lived Before Tower Witch Inverse
3 Heroes Of Vallentor Warriors Path The Warriors Path Part I Inverse
4 Hortus Animae Aqualung Secular Music Flickknife
5 Ordinance Side A: Relinquished, The Shadowcast, Yielding Servitude Relinquishment Ahdistuksen Aihio
6 Ofdrykkja Ensam kvar efter dödens år A Life Worth Losing Avantgarde
7 Abigor Stasis Leytmotif Luzifer Avantgarde
8 Modest Midget Pretty Woman Crysis Multi-Polar
9 Will The Thrill Sociopath Sorry To Disappoint Ya (self-released)
10 ssSHEENSss Adios, Fucker! Strapping Stallions Soulseller
11 The Sixxis Home Again Hollow Shrine Glassville
12 Scream Your Name In Reverse Face To Face Deep Dive / H'art
13 Manu Armata Close To The Heart Surpass The Master Beatdown Hardwear
14 Retribution Retribution Corpus Antichristi Y3K Pitch Black
15 Dead Season The Whore Who Pays You Dusting The Rust (self-released)
16 Dead Season Zombies Are Swinging Dusting The Rust (self-released)
17 Dead Season An Inner Battle Dusting The Rust (self-released)


Dead Season

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