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Playlist 19 October 2014

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Deadly Circus Fire Her Epitath The King And The Bishop (self-released)
2 Mean To You Straight Ahead (unreleased) (self-released)
3 Limelight Fire Cursed Unbound (self-released)
4 Former Life New One (unreleased) (self-released)
5 Mean To You Fallen Fallen (EP) (self-released)
6 Mindwars Crash The Enemy Within Punishment 18
7 Holy Terror The Immortal Wasteland Mind Wars Under One Flag
8 Riot V Unleash The Fire Unleash The Fire Steamhammer / SPV
9 Secutor Raise The Tankard Thrash Or Die (self-released)
10 Neal Lights Finest Noise Sampler 30 Finest Noise
11 F.O.D. Random Thoughts On A Saturday Tricks Of The Trade Funtime
12 Buster Shuffle South Naked People Like You
13 Snack Family Lupine Kiss Pokie Eye (EP) Limited Noise
14 Planning For Burial Mischief Night Split-7" with Liar In Wait Broken Limbs
15 Liar In Wait Paper Houses Split-7" with Planning For Burial Broken Limbs
16 Arcana Coelestia Nomas II Nomas Avantgarde
17 Q-Box Sleeping God Sleeping God Finest Noise
18 Q-Box Black Orleans Sleeping God Finest Noise
19 Q-Box The Blade Sleeping God Finest Noise


Mean To You, Q-Box

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