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Playlist 2 November 2014

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Aeon Zen Portrait Self Portrait (EP) Time Divide
2 Emergency Gate Infected Nightmare Infected Fastball / Soulfood
3 Miles To Perdition Circles Blasphemous Rhapsody (self-released)
4 Cosmogon Thooorrrsssgggooorrrp Chaos Magnum (self-released)
5 Miles To Perdition Karmasutra Blasphemous Rhapsody (self-released)
6 Kill The Innocent Black Widow Ayahuasca (self-released)
7 Cosmogon Black Galactic Blast Chaos Magnum (self-released)
8 The Howling Void Irminsul Runa Avantgarde
9 Sedna Sons Of The Ancients Sedna Drown Within
10 Lord Of Pagathorn The Asylum Gates / The Path Leads Astray Nekros Philia Woodcut
11 Spectral Haze Mercurian Mantra I.E.V.: Transmutated Nebula Remains Soulseller
12 Stam1na Dynamo SLK Spinefarm
13 Stam1na Panzerfaust SLK Spinefarm
14 Stam1na Kalmankansa SLK Spinefarm


Miles To Perdition, Cosmogon, Stam1na

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