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Playlist 23 November 2014

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Order Of The Oceans Never Leave A Departure (self-released)
2 Obituary Centuries Of Lies Inked In Blood Relapse
3 Alkoholizer Surfin' Beer Free Beer... Surf's Up!!! Punishment 18
4 Bloodlash Scythian Aurora Drowning Amidst The Nebulae (EP) Inverse
5 The Flight Of Sleipnir Sidereal Course V Napalm
6 Kouzin Bedlam Psychonaut Longing For The Incomplete Inverse
7 The Red Paintings The Revolution Is Never Coming The Revolution Is Never Coming The End
8 The Disliked Le Captain (radio edit) Le Captain (Single) Ashcan
9 Communicaution Make No Sound Unfixed Noiseworks
10 Donnie Vie Crash And Burn The White Album Livewire / Cargo
11 Pain Of Salvation Holy Diver Falling Home InsideOut
12 Ill Niņo Live Like There's No Tomorrow Till Death, La Familia Victory
13 Monte Penumbra One Is The Alignment Of Stars... Split 7-Inch (with Half Visible Presence) Duplicate
14 Half Visible Presence Downwards Deathmarch Split 7-Inch (with Monte Penumbra) Duplicate
15 Inedia Snatch In The Paper Sky Human Meridians And Cohabitant Cores Sleaszy Rider
16 Sorrows Path Tragedy Doom Philosophy Iron Shield
17 Sorrows Path A Dance With The Dead Doom Philosophy Iron Shield
18 Sorrows Path Epoasis Doom Philosophy Iron Shield


Sorrows Path

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