Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 7 December 2014

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Death Mercedes Leurs Choix Désarment Sans Éclat Throatruiner / Sieve And Sand
2 Eastfrisian Terror De Quade Foelke EastfrisiaApokalypse Rotten Roll Rex
3 Obituary Pain Inside Inked In Blood Relapse
4 Skinflint Veya Nyemba Pure Steel
5 Olam Ein Sof Vimana Reino De Cramfer (self-released)
6 Liv Kristine Stronghold Of Angels (ft. Doro Pesch) Vervain Napalm
7 Lyriel Falling Skies Skin And Bones AFM
8 Triosphere The Heart's Dominion The Heart Of The Matter AFM
9 Soen Kuraman Tellurian Spinefarm
10 A Liquid Landscape A Brief Moment Of Future The Largest Fire Known To Man Glassville
11 Enchant Deserve To Feel The Great Divide InsideOut
12 Communicaution Make No Sound Unfixed Noiseworks / Gchord
13 Communicaution Fly High Unfixed Noiseworks / Gchord
14 Communicaution Smoke Of The First Fires Unfixed Noiseworks / Gchord
15 Communicaution Come Clean Unfixed Noiseworks / Gchord
16 Mishka Shubaly Fuck Self-Control Coward's Path In Music We Trust
17 Louis Jucker The Black Lake The Black Lake (EP) Hummus
18 Schwarz Sighs Schwarz Hummus
19 Esoterica A Slave's Ablution Aseity Duplicate



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