Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 8 February 2015

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Dot Legacy Kennedy Dot Legacy (self-released)
2 Crystal Shipsss Metal Metal (Single) Raw Onion
3 Krestovsky Deep Space Island Home & Mobile (EP) Home & Mobile
4 The Agrarians Our Tragic Arc Uncomfortably(,) Songwriter Vol. I-IV (self-released)
5 Thee Knaves The Impossible Ascent The Impossible Ascent (self-released)
6 The Très Biens Factory Boy / Factory Girl Modern Low Tug
7 Janne Westerlund Treetops Marshland Ektro
8 The Rope River Blues Band Oh Venus, (It's The) The Touch You Know The Solid States of Independence (Single) (self-released)
9 Fogh Depot Mining (BTC) Fogh Depot Denovali
10 Sankt Otten Urlaub unter Psalmen Engtanz Depression Denovali
11 Arktis / Air Hotbed En-Trance (self-released)
12 The Truffauts Everywhere I Go Sycamore TP9
13 The KrestArians Stag Night KrestArians II: (The) Gone Public (self-released)
14 Jonas Alaska In The Backseat Tonight Pop Up
15 Toundra Kitsune IV Superball
16 Venom Long Haired Punks From The Very Depths Spinefarm
17 Home Reared Meat It's Payback Time Euthanasie Goreng (self-released)
18 Crest Of Darkness Evil Messiah Evil Messiah (EP) My Kingdom
19 Stone Circle Easter Island Stone Circle (self-released)
20 Diapsiquir Satan Postmortem L.S.D. Necrocosm
21 Agos Akkadian Cenotaph Irkalla Transcendence (EP) Ill Damnation

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