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Playlist 17 May 2015

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Miles To Perdition Blasphemous Rhapsody Blasphemous Rhapsody (self-released)
2 Heathen Beast Ab Ki Baar Atyachar The Carnage Of Godhra (EP) (self-released)
3 Zeit Stillstand Trümmer (EP) (self-released)
4 Dys Inbunden Opus Misanthropy One With Morbidity, The Opus Misanthropy Liflätinn
5 Merda Mundi Odium VI (Khaos) Tanquam Aegri Somnia / Kaotoxin
6 Cro-Mags War On The Streets Near Death Experience (Re-Release) Punishment 18
7 Anatomy Of I Organic Machine 2015 Substratum (Re-Release) Punishment 18
8 Bloodrocuted Violent Vortex Doomed To Annihilation (Re-Release) Punishment 18
9 Civil War The Mad Piper Gods And Generals Napalm
10 W. Angel's Conquest Martian Gods Taste Of Life Ferrrum
11 Kamelot My Therapy Haven Napalm
12 Ski King Unknown Stuntman Sketchbook III Rodeostar
13 Steve'n'Seagulls Thunderstruck Farm Machine Spinefarm
14 Bob Wayne Crazy Train Hits The Hits People Like You
15 Frankie Chavez Fight Heart And Spine Search
16 Lieutenant The Place You Wanna Go If I Kill This Thing, We're All Going To Eat For A Week Dine Alone
17 Exorcism Sahara World In Sin (EP) Dream
18 Tellurion The Architect Tellurion (self-released)
19 Tellurion Stones Break The Water Tellurion (self-released)
20 Tellurion Mountains Crumble Tellurion (self-released)



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